Need An Research Paper On Answer Some Question Form Some Lectures Needs To Be 2

Need an research paper on answer some question form some lectures. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic Human Resource Management When a worker brings deep interest in organization’s interests, goals and objectives, this process is called employee engagement. An engaged employee is always willing to perform and deliver. A human resource director can bring employee engagement by means of establishing motivational work environment. It is the attracted work environment that carries employee engagement at the workplace (Armstrong, 2000).

2. A HR manager who is in charge of workers’ routine tasks and activities is also in-charge of workers’ performances at the workplace. Manager is the one who guides, aspires and prepares the workers on performance and delivery. By measuring and assessing the routines tasks of employees, the manager establishes the path of performance and progression for the workers (Armstrong, 2000).

3. A high performance organization is achieved by means of establishing and placing effective HRM (human resource management) function. It is the effective HRM function that strategically drives the growth and progression of the organization. An effective HRM function is based with the concept of knowledge management. Managing and maintaining intellectual knowledge, corporate knowledge, institutional and structural knowledge, the HRM function invites success for the organization. It is strategic and effective knowledge management that enables performance of the organization (Deb, 2006).

4. A strategic HRM function can be evaluated by means of the level of progress and improvement the organization has shown after the function got established. If employees have the best work environment, they have the best wages designed and they have performance-based appraisals project that the strategic HRM function has increased the strategic value of the organization. The values of trust, cooperation and collaboration are further indications that the organization has made strategic growth and progress (Armstrong, 2000).

5. Job Analysis is one of the significant tasks of the HRM function. It is a functional task to understand the nature and the requirements of a specific task or job. Job analysis elaborates the requirements of a specific job, the skills and qualifications needed to perform that job. Job analysis actually understands the relativeness of a worker on a specific task position. Placing right man to the right job is one significant outcome of job analysis operation. Analyzing the job of a HR manager, it can be said that planning and coordination are ultimate skills required for this designation. If a HR manager holds strong planning and coordination skills can qualify for the strategic HRM position. Actually, it is good planning and coordination skills that come out as performance indicators of a HR manager’s job (Deb, 2006).

6. Best HRM practices come from best HRM principles. Integrity, discipline and ethics are principles that induce practices like HR launches innovation, HR become part of the corporate strategy. HR introduces highly digital performance management system. It is by maintaining principles an organization adopts new practices, which are eventually the best practices (Armstrong, 2000).

7. In contemporary times, where risk is a common influential factor, competition is at the peak and rivalry is the only trend, strategic HRM perspective stands up on the vital importance for organizations. Strategic HRM perspective enables organizations to proceed with a comprehensive vision. The scope of organization’s vision becomes broader and diverse by implying such strategic concept. By means of strategic HRM, an organization is prepared for the coming. It is well prepared for what can be seen and what cannot be predicted. This is how strategic HRM provides competitive advantage to organizations adopting it as a complete practice and a notion (Deb, 2006).

8. Job design refers to a managerial concept for designing work and work position. The purpose of job design is to ensure the well being of the worker (Deb, 2006). There are different approaches, which HR managers adopt for job designing. One of the approaches is job specialization, which means designing work in accordance to the attributes, qualifications and experience of the worker. Another approach is job optimization, which means placing specialized persons on the specialized task and activity. Job optimization is mostly adopted in project based job designing. Due to high flexibility and generalizability, job specialization approach is most adopted (Deb, 2006).

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