Need An Research Paper On British Muslim Who Practice Polygamy Needs To Be 1 Pag

Need an research paper on british muslim who practice polygamy. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. The intentions of this verse are to bar men from committing adultery and ensuring that a male adult takes responsibility for their actions. Nevertheless, some Muslim men propagate violence against females as they consider them the inferior gender that ought to follow the husbands’ decrees without questioning. Therefore, the verse gives authority to polygamy. That said, women consider the verse was advancing inequity against men by men. Additionally, both sexes have distinct needs (sexual, financial and social needs) that require satisfaction. As a result, a bias towards one of the wives is bound to occur.

Ideally, marriage is a union that ought to foster unity amongst Muslim communities rather than encourage discord and injustices against one faction of the society. Therefore, the principles promoted by the Koran embrace sincerity and practice of mutual respect between individuals. Consequently, all members of the community achieve a harmonious coexistence that treats every individual with decorum.

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