Need An Research Paper On City A Guidebook For The Urban Age By P D Smith Needs

Need an research paper on city: a guidebook for the urban age by p.d. smith. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Smith’s authorship started with images as a photographer rather than a language. After doing a number of fascinating reviews for the Guardian and other newspapers and magazines, Smith became a seasoned writer and has made a significant impact on the fields he has written for.

Throughout the book, Smith labors to display the crucial role that cities play in the lives of people today. He begins the book by emphasizing an opinion that man’s greatest creation of all times is the “city”. The book is richly packed and colorful in the manner in which it dissects the significance of urban centers in the lives of populaces. He reminds the readers that more than half of the world’s population presently lives in cities. Unlike two hundred years ago when only 3% of the global population were city dwellers, the author notes that this portion is bound to increase by up to 75% of the entire population by 2050. By a look at the swelling figures of city dwellers, the author creates the magnitude of cities to human life before engaging in further escapades of the book.

Smith tells of the experience of living in a city. the city life. The book purports universality of this experience. The book alludes to historians’ take that a town is always a town irrespective of the location, space and time. The first cities were constructed in the fertile lands between the rivers of Euphrates and Tigris. When the first builders of cities in the ancient Mesopotamia set out their experiment several ages ago, they created a man-made environment that surpassed the apparent enclosure of bricks and mud. These builders were the architects of civilization. Their attempts and labors were the pioneers of essential skills that would be needed for the modern state-of-the-art cities such as Shanghai. They invented mathematics and writing, skills without which the current cities would not have existed. City dwellers created a novel way of being (Hatherley 82). They reinvented humanity.

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