Need An Research Paper On Critical Review Quantitative Studies Needs To Be 10 Pa

Need an research paper on critical review; quantitative studies. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. The basic idea behind this EBP is, healthcare organizations or healthcare practitioners including AHPs while carrying out their tasks will pick the best possible evidences that are ‘available’, or even the best applicable information obtainable, so that they can carry out their tasks in an effective manner, and also take competent decisions. “Evidence based practice is an approach to decision making, during which medical practitioners uses the best evidences available, particularly in consultation with the patient, to decide upon the option or approach which suits that patient best.” (Armstrong and Gray, 2009, pg. 20). This utilization of EBP among the AHPs is the subject of discussion in the article, The Adoption and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) among Allied Health Professions written by Penney Upton, Laura Scurlock-Evans, Danielle Stephens and Dominic Upton. Thus, this article will be critically reviewed here focusing on the various aspects of article, including its purpose, its literature review, methodology, sampling process, data collection process, study’s results finally ending with clinical implications.

The authors of the article Upton, Scurlock-Evans, Stephens and Upton lay out the purpose of the study at the outset itself, which is “to assess and characterise adoption of EBP within AHP’s clinical practice.” (Upton et al. 2012). They expand on the purpose of the study by basically defining EBP, and by explaining about the target group of the study. According to the authors, EBP is an important and widely accepted practice in healthcare settings to ensure that health care professionals particularly AHP are provided information about the recent evidences and also the researches relating to their clinical practice. To study about EBP adoption among AHPs, the authors focused on AHPs working in NHS Scotland.

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