Need An Research Paper On Cruse Ship Managment Needs To Be 5 Pages Please No Pla

Need an research paper on cruse ship managment. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. A good cruise itinerary must outline the effects of all internal factors at play. These factors are within the control of the management and can be tactfully addressed. Some of these factors as pointed out by Kaulbars (2008) include relations to the prospective host communities and authorities, budget estimations, and overall basics of a journey. Logistics is another internal factor that ought to be taken care of. Here, aspects such as exchange of crew and supply arrangements are looked into. Another factor is the characteristic of the vessel, with key concern to vessels’ capability, amenities, and adaptability to diverse port destinations.

Some of these external factors as espoused by Kaulbars include infrastructure and superstructure of the port of call, with finer details to evaluate being the facilities available, bunker services and costs, as well as accommodation facilities (Sun, Gauri & Webster, 2011). Other factors include customer preferences, sea conditions such as winds and tides, as well as weather conditions both at sea and at inland destinations that may have adverse effects on the comfort of passengers. Cruise ships have also been made more comfortable by offering services that are similar to those offered in inland holiday inns. Amenities such as swimming pool, a shopping place where the customers can make light purchases, etc. have been included to make the voyages more exciting. Certainly, these amenities help create a pleasurable environment that provide greater experience to the tourists.

A good cruise ship itinerary must also take into concern factors that motivate the customers. These factors can be evaluated based on costs, facilities available within the ship, duration of stay at particular ports during stopovers, among others.

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