Need An Research Paper On Data And Knowledge Management Needs To Be 2 Pages Plea

Need an research paper on data and knowledge management. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Data and Knowledge Management Some of the similarities in the job of the database manager are to be aware of SQL server and DB2 platform, to monitor and optimize the performance of database and to be responsible for performance, design, back up and safety of data. Also, he/she must have the ability to read and analyze the data, must be aware of reporting and data entry standards. Other than these, it is necessary for the database manger to perform change management and to keep him aware of the rapid changes occurring in the data and knowledge management. The database manager must have an ability to work in a fast paced environment and an ability to multi task. Most important work for the data manager is to make the data available for the management as it is required. Other than the knowledge and skills requirement, the personality of the applicant should be such that he/she is more committed towards problem solving, result oriented and has an eye for detail. The data manager can be required on an off hour basis depending upon the nature of problem. These are some of the basic roles required of a database manager.

Some of the differences found after reviewing several job descriptions are that the job description of database manager is changing from organization to organization as it depends upon on what kind of data needs to be saved and managed. For instance, database manger required in a bank must preferably be having an investment banking support experience other than the basic IT knowledge and skills required and he must be aware of the banking rules, regulations and the way banks work. He must also be aware of the database environments in accordance with the banking standards. Likewise database manager required in a school must be having a familiarity with the school system other than having technical knowledge required which is a must for this job. Where the job is financial advisory side there, communication and presentation skills have been given more weight age as it requires an ability to convince other people to accept their business proposal. Another very important difference seen is that in some job descriptions it is required of the candidate to work independently while in others he is required to assist others and seek help from others.

The salary structure is not given along with the posting of jobs. However, it is mentioned that the salary would be competitive along with perks. The average salary for this position is USA is USD sixty eight thousands per year. However, people having more experience have a higher pay and it also depends on the number of skills a person has. For instance, someone who has knowledge of Oracle, UNIX and/or PL/SQL will have more pay than who does not have these skills. Since the nature of job is technical, it is crucial to be skilled and aware of the rapid changes occurring in the industry or else one can easily lag behind in this IT industry.


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