Need An Research Paper On Electric Power Industry In The Uk Needs To Be 7 Pages

Need an research paper on electric power industry in the uk. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The pre-privatization organization of electricity in the United Kingdom is symbolized by broad vertical integration of production, transmission, distribution and its supplication (DTI, 2006). For instance, the structure of the nationalized industry in Wales and England was control by one huge production and Transmission Company called CEGB which sold electricity in mass to 12 area distribution boards. Each of them served a franchise or a closed supply area. In Scotland, existed two vertically integrated boards that practiced regional monopolies though they cooperated nearly in the utilization of their producing plant into ensuring that the demand was catered as viewed in the figure below:

One of the electricity innovation sectors at privatization was the building of the electricity pool of Wales an England (DTI, 2006). The pool becomes one of the initial mechanisms of its type and thus, there involved little experience on other countries to rely on its creation and regulations connected with it. In its establishment, considerable weight was offered to arrangements functioned pre-privatization by CEGB, the time when the electricity system was publicly-owned and centrally organized.

Electricity Association (2002), after the first increase in numbers of licensed electricity suppliers functioning in the electricity supplying market, the modern increase in acquisition and merger practices proposes the trend toward consolidation of the electricity supply market. Electricity Association (2002) points to the lowering prices and relentless competition since spurring on companies gets a chance of consolidation to ensure they become more competitive (Electricity Association, 2001).

There has been a recent trend in the integration of production and supplication in recent years. In July 1998, Powergen purchased East Midlands Electricity as National Power purchased Midlands electricity supply business. After the National Power made a decision of demerging into Innogy and International Power, Innogy started extending its supply business and got Yorkshire’s supply and Northern Electric’s supply businesses in February and November 2001 respectively.&nbsp.

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