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Need an research paper on entrepreneurial business. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The share of powered brushes is almost half of the value of the market.

The social factor that influences the toothbrush market is that consumers are getting more sensitive towards dental healthcare in order to reduce dental treatment. According to date UK consumers’ concerns regarding toothbrushes are: they value the features of the toothbrushes, the comfort they provide, if they are recommended by professional and they also have concerns more about health of gums rather than cavity protection. The findings suggest that consumers are willing to pay premium prices for toothbrushes addressing these concerns: (The, Toothbrushes –UK-April 2004,

There is no specific environmental factors mentioned in reports, however the fact that more people are environmentally concerned should not be ignored. Any efforts in producing a new toothbrush should take this factor into consideration and adapt its manufacturing ability accordingly

The powered toothbrushes continuously evolve the ones with round oscillating bristle heads have helped to improve oral hygiene. According to clinical studies, powered toothbrushes are more efficient to remove plaque than manual therefore they are widely accepted among dentists.

In the late 1990’s the market of powered toothbrushes was shaped into two distinct categories: the high end toothbrushes ($20-$110) that provided complex motions to the bristles and the low end which provided very little cleaning benefit.

“The brush head, with its combination of fixed and moving bristles, was designed to have a more traditional sized brush head permitting patients to brush their teeth in an optimal manner recommended by a dentist, while the motorized circular portion of the brush promotes more effective cleaning.&nbsp.

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