Need An Research Paper On Explain Why You Believe You Should Be Accepted Into Th

Need an research paper on explain why you believe you should be accepted into the mab graduate program in uga. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. APPLICATION FOR VACANCY IN MAB PROGRAM, UGA I wish to express my interest in applying for MAB (Masters inAgri-Business) program in your prestigious university, UGA. I have intimate passion in furthering my education in MAB program, at UGA. I believe UGA is the place to be, and the only world class institution, that can enable me to achieve my career goals in MAB. I choose to apply for the MAB program at your university because of the good technical support and facilities available that can enable be to develop both knowledge and field wise. The area of agriculture/crop production is so critical because of the role it plays in sustaining human life and, therefore, finding a long lasting solution to this problem will go a long way in making the human life sustainable. As a youngster, I realized that I dedicated much of my time to agriculture especially, crop production since my high school and undergraduate level and thus, I wish to take it a notch higher and pursue my MAB at your prestigious university.

By undertaking MAB program, I believe I will go a long way in realizing my childhood dreams as well as the intimate passion I have for this program. In addition, the University of Georgia has everything that am looking for in pursuing the MAB program. This appealing program consists of components such as management, agribusiness marketing, and finance, which are requisites that can help me realize my long-term dreams. The components are vital in perfecting my practical experience and research skills. Apart from my mindset in crop production, I have a special interest in business and, therefore, the combination of the two i.e. agriculture and business will help me in realizing my dreams. Additionally, I believe MAB program will equip me with multivariate skills not only in agriculture field, but also in business. Production of crops in large scale is a vital to eliminating food shortage but producing the crops at a lower price is the greatest achievement that the world is striving to achieve. Therefore, I see MAB program as the key to finding solutions to these problems.

I have learnt about agri-business especially the area of crop production during my childhood days. Additionally, I strongly believe that the program will facilitate both my long term and short term career aspirations. If given the opportunity to undertake this program, I believe that my strong motivation and aspiration in this field will not only benefit me but the world at large. The experience and skills I will learn from MAB program, will present me with the opportunity to be able to become not only a well-rounded businessperson, but also as a farmer. For this reason, the longitudinal experience in agri-business will be very appealing to me, especially, in crop production and international trade.

After successful completion of my MAB program, I plan to use the skills and knowledge learnt to conduct research, educating people, and promoting small-scale farmers. MAB program being my passion, I will dedicate more time, and indeed build an illustrious career in the field of agri-business. By pursuing the MAB program, I will be pursuing the joy of my life because it is what makes me happy, and what I love doing. I will not only mark a milestone in my career but also create a positive impact in the society and the world at large. Apart from choosing MAB program because of the passion I have for it, its flexibility to students is of valuable measure especially, those planning to undertake something else in addition.

Thank you for taking your time to consider my candidacy for the MAB program at the University of Georgia. It will be a great honor and satisfaction to pursue my passion and enhance my studies at the University of Georgia. I will gladly provide any additional information if requested for by you.

Yours sincerely.

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