Need An Research Paper On Factors That Triggered The Collapse Of The Communist S

Need an research paper on factors that triggered the collapse of the communist states in eastern europe. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Upon discussing the major factors that caused the collapse of communist states in Eastern Europe, Ash discussed the specific events that took place in Poland, Hungary, East Germany, and Czechoslovakia by specifically writing down his own personal experiences combined with some facts he has gathered from its local citizens. These factors includes: (1) Unity of the people through strikes (pp. 15 – 16). (2) Unprecedented ‘Round Table’ talks which lead to further negotiations and the final agreement of an early election (p. 17). (3) the long-term economic decline. and (4) participation of highly intellectual individuals such as doctors, engineers, teachers, and journalists which strengthens the influence of the Solidarity activists (p. 33).

Since most workers were not happy by the way the authorities were leading the people, a strike occurred in Eastern Europe back in May 1988 followed by another bigger strike which focused on gaining solidarity three months later (p. 15 – 16). Under the leadership of Lech Wal’gsa, he made use of his full authority to control the strikes which ended up torturing some of the strikers for four months. (p. 16)

Due to the continuous political negotiations between the communist party and the opposition, the ‘Round Table’ talks lead to the final agreement of an early election that made the Solidarity group won the June election. (p. 17 – 18) In case the Solidarity group failed to unit themselves through the active participation of the highly&nbsp.respected professionals among others (p. 33), Eastern Europe may not be able to win their freedom under the power of the communist leaders.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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