Need An Research Paper On Fast Food Nation And How It Affected Eating And Shoppi

Need an research paper on fast food nation and how it affected eating and shopping habits. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. As suggested by Schlosser, ‘we are what we consume’, from my own evaluation, my fast food expenditure is more than consumption on any other commodity including books, movies and other materials. Schlosser conducted research on fast food and made conclusions that are relevant in what is observed in today’s eating habits and fast food (Luke 58). He has described how the fast food industry has changed America into a fast food nation, reading his book does not leave the reader without reconsidering his/her eating and shopping habits.

This study explores the book on fast food nation written by Eric Schlosser with an aim to explore how his views have influenced my eating and shopping habits. The main aim of the study is to identify how fast food views as described by Schlosser has influenced my eating and purchasing decisions, how I consume it, whether I consumer more or less of organic or the natural foods, the ingredients I consider essential when purchasing food, whether I consume less processed or fully processed food.

For a long time, I have highly consumed fast food. this has mainly been driven by the fact that the food’s taste is good. This has made me for long ignore or not even know the cocktail of various chemicals used to give the food taste and the grisly events involved in slaughterhouses that are most likely to put nasty taste to the burger and the beef. As mentioned by Schlosser my experience of buying and consuming fast food has reached the routine level becoming unexceptionally mundane. The various risks or undesirable effects associated with fast food is now ignored and taken for granted, eating fast food has now become a social custom. Fast food industry began as a handful of hamburger and hot dogs in South California, today, fast food is served in stadiums, restaurants, zoos, schools, airports, and universities, in trains, on a cruise, ships, supermarkets, petrol stations, hospital cafeterias, and&nbsp.aeroplanes (Schlosser 55).&nbsp.

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