Need An Research Paper On How Educators Can Meet The Challenge Needs To Be 6 Pag

Need an research paper on how educators can meet the challenge. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. These findings would help the researchers provide useful data for the research related to second language in South Korea because the implications look into the content teachers teach and the way they teach as well as the ways in which students learn.

The author of this research is the student of Masters of Education of Second Language Learning in the University of Southern Queensland. This research was done as a requirement of receiving the Masters degree. The intended audience of this research is the instructors and students of English language in general and the faculty at the University of Southern Queensland in particular. Students and teachers particularly in South Korea can gain beneficial information from this research. The research may enable the instructors to modify their content and ways of teaching for good so that it may be conducive for better learning on the part of the students. Department of Defense Education Activity. (2007, March). English as a Second

Language Program Guide: Planning for English Language Learner Success. Retrieved from

This is an excellent program guide for teaching English as a second language (ESL). The article available online is based on 9 chapters. The article makes a step-by-step approach to design a comprehensive program for teaching ESL. The first chapter offers an overview of the program. The second chapter is based on the process of ESL student identification, the third chapter focuses on instructional progra.

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