Need An Research Paper On Human Animal Relationship In Alices Adventures In The

Need an research paper on human-animal relationship in alices adventures in the wonderland by lewis carroll. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Alice, a young girl, accompanies her sister by the river bank who is reading a book. All of a sudden, Alice observes a White Rabbit crossing them that pulled out the watch out of his waistcoat to check the time and he realized he is late for some important task. The civilized rabbit grabbed the whole attention of Alice and she starts following him out of curiosity. She followed rabbit into the hole and the ‘hole’ contained different shelves and things placed there. She picks up marmalade jar but puts it back as she finds nothing in it. She looks at the Rabbit quickly vanishing in one corner of the hallway with many doors. She looks for an unlocked door without success and comes across a little door that is smaller than all others and found a key on a glass table. She opens the door but realizes her inability to fit the passageway and finds a bottle captioned “Drink Me”. After she drinks it and her body shrinks in proportion to the size of that door. She forgets to pick the keys and cries for her mistake. While crying she sees some cake with a caption “eat me”, she quickly eats it and awaits a reaction. The nature of the rabbit shows a resemblance to human activities and nature. Thus the story generates a relationship between humans and creatures. Alice’s relationship with Dinah is visible by her apprehensions and readiness to see her at dinner. This more supports the idea of a human-animal relationship that occurs and brings weight for both beings. The cake grew her larger than the original size and the passageway seemed tinier than ever. The feeling of helplessness surrounds Alice before she sees the white rabbit again. Her attempt to communicate with the rabbit horrifies him and he runs away leaving his fans and gloves. She fells into a small pool with salt water, which actually was the tears she shed in her gigantic stage.&nbsp.While swimming in the water she meets a Mouse who does not understand English, so she starts using French and asks for some help. She repeatedly mentions Dinah in her conversation that offended the Mouse and she apologizes for it.&nbsp.

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