Need An Research Paper On Hypocrisy In Society Needs To Be 12 Pages Please No Pl

Need an research paper on hypocrisy in society. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. In ”Burr”, we’re in for a big surprise for there was turbulence and passions galore beside the rampant jockeying for positions and power, intrigues, scandals, and hypocrisy. Gore Vidal was still in his element here still witty, bitchy and sardonic. But what sets “Burr” apart is the rampant iconoclasm. Gore Vidal’s guns were trained not only to traditional political institutions but to American ‘greats’ such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, James Madison, and Martin Van Buren, who happened to be rumored here as Burr’s bastard son. Irreverent and sassy, practically no one was spared here as Vidal cannot be stopped from unmasking the weaknesses and follies of revered heroes.

Vidal’s interpretation of early American history was therefore on the dark side. This interpretation was best expressed when Vidal put the following words in Burr’s mouth i.e. “Between the dishonest canting of Jefferson and the egotism of Hamilton, this state had been no life& a good world” ( Vidal 156). Vidal postulated that in this era the new nation still had to grope for stability. to organize things that were still in disarray, and had to strengthen its newly acquired independence and institutions. The Constitution, the legal system and the system of a 3-powered government desperately begged for amendments and rectifications as these were far from ideal and were subject to abuse. Vidal exposed the absence of the separation of powers among the judiciary, the executive and the legislative departments. That was why President Jefferson was able to actively pursue the&nbsp.judicial indictment and incarceration of Burr and harass his witnesses.&nbsp. Besides placing the judge, Justice Marshall in a hot seat, he was also able to pressure and dictate the Senate to bend according to his will.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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