Need An Research Paper On Implications Of An Intelligence Success Or Failure Of

Need an research paper on implications of an intelligence success or failure of terrorist attacks of 9/11. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The Twin Towers at New York City were perished into powder. The great agony fell on the land of America. The attacks on the Twin Towers and thereafter at the Pentagon were never expected. The belief among the people- America is unconquerable- was doomed on that day. In considering the efficiency of national intelligence wing of USA the citizens became skeptical after the attack. . The attacks were the clear cut result of lose intelligence capability of both CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation. The attacks had multiple levels of impact on the United States of America. It made new foreign policies of the nation,changed to fight against the terrorist elements, new strategies against terrorism were taken, and the pitfalls of the intelligence were rectified. The present essay tries to analyze the intelligence failure of CIA and FBI on the 9/11 incident and further it takes out the different measures to reform the agencies. History of the attack The terrorists hijacked the US Flights and they at first aimed at the 110 floor Twin Towers at New York City. The biggest towers of the world were waking up for the busy business deals and at 8.46 A.M. the hijacked American flight 11 crashed into the north tower of the Trade Center. At 9.03 A. M. United Flight 175 crashed against the South Tower. Very soon the place became quite similar to that of battlefield. Many tried to escape by jumping from the Towers. Panic stroked everywhere. All feared about the doom of the nation. At about 9.40 the hijacked American Flight 77 crashed into Pentagon. It partially destroyed the core military area of the US. The fourth attack was with the United Flight 93 which was crashed in Shanksville near Pennsylvania before it could reach Washington. All these attacks caused the death of 3000 and injuring many more. It was unbelievable for the world. The Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat thus spoke, “We are completely shocked, completely shocked. Unbelievable” (Fox news, 2001). The Intelligence Failure The attack has paved the way for various discussions overtime and majority of these discussions have been identified as accusing the American Intelligence for its failure. The attack has had deep-rooted impact among the Americans that they took considerable amount of time to recover from its devastating effects. The peaceful eyes of the Americans were filled the shadow of death soon after the attacks. The people of America turned against their intelligence agencies. As Richard L. Russell puts, “The intelligence failure of 9/11 was arguably the greatest debacle in the history of U. S. intelligence” (Russell, 2007, p.71). The writer says that the CIA had anticipated that al-Qaeda may have their attacks on US assets on abroad. not in their own land. There was a notion for both agencies (CIA and FBI) that Al-Qaeda would not dare to fight directly against America. The writer further accuses the CIA as they “failed to have access to human intelligence assets who could have penetrated the Al-Qaeda conspiracy to allow for U.S. disruption of the plot” (Russell, 2007, p.72). Both CIA and FBI are equally responsible for the failure of intelligence in the attacks of Al-Qaeda. The wide notion of ‘unconquerable America’ had made both these agencies to neglect all the warnings against Al-Qaeda in America.

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