Need An Research Paper On Information Systems Fundamentals Needs To Be 4 Pages P

Need an research paper on information systems fundamentals. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. c. Sign In and Validate login– This process is for customer who had already registered with the system and has an active username and password. This procedure will use a validation process for the login information entered.

e. Checkout and Display Checkout– This process triggers the system that the customer will initiate a transaction process for the items added on the virtual shopping cart. The system will display the information for the transaction i.e total items to be checkout, and total cost for the current checkout.

h. Create Order No – After successful validation of the customer’s order (ie. Payment information), the system will generate a unique order no for the said transaction in order for the company for order tracking and record keeping purposes.

The booking system consists of three actors namely, the system, the travel agent, and the customer. The process involves the customer initiating the booking through a call. The travel agent which accepts the call record the customers relevant information. The travel agent then initiates the system to search for available seats for flight and accommodation for hotel/apartment. After the systems finds available seat and accommodation, The customer needs to confirm the booking in order to complete the booking process. After confirmation, the travel agent then offers travel insurance. Weather the customer accepts or rejects the travel insurance offer. the system invoices the final amount the booking. Any customer who confirms a booking, a username and password will be given to access the online booking system. This username and password can be used to access the website for online registration and online booking.

g. Offer Travel Insurance – Upon confirmation of the order, the customer has an option to have a travel insurance on top of the booking.

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