Need An Research Paper On Miscommunication In Aviaition Safety Needs To Be 4 Pag

Need an research paper on miscommunication in aviaition safety. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. Consequently, miscommunication among these individuals may result in grave consequences such as a fatal crash or accident. Of all aviation accidents that have been reported, over 70% points to miscommunication as a significant contributor to the fatal aviation crashes. Hence, miscommunication in the form of improper English, language errors, as well as inefficient cockpit communication is among the leading causes of fatal aviation accidents.

Language problem is the major cause of airspace accidents due to crew communication and coordination. Pilots operate huge and complicated planes in busy and large terminals, and thus, they need help from the ground including information and support on landing and taking off provided by the air-traffic control (ATC). Therefore, communication between ATC and pilots should be clear, efficient, and proper because any mishap in communication can lead to a fatal crash as seen in the case of two Boeing 747 crashing into each other. Evidence shows that improper English and communication interference were the major cause of the fatal crash on March 27, 1977 that injured 61 and killed 583 people (Tajima 454). The captain notified the controller that they were at a takeoff position, and since this statement has double meaning, the controller misinterpreted it. The controller thought that the captain meant they were waiting for runway clearance, but not in motion, but sadly, the plane was already in motion making a run on the runway. Further instructions given to the captain to standby did not reach him due to radio transmission interruption. What followed was a fatal crash between KLM 4805 and PAA airplane, which was still on the runway when KLM 4805 was taking off. According to Tajima, this was a case of improper English whereby the captain’s native language Dutch influenced unconscious code-mixing that interfered with English phrase resulting in inefficient communication to the ATC (456).

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