Need An Research Paper On Modern Trends In Chinese Society Needs To Be 10 Pages

Need an research paper on modern trends in chinese society. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. China has enjoyed political stability resulting from minimal opposition from citizens and legitimate governance. Historically, China has remained intact for around 5000 years hence high levels of development achieved. The prolonged existence of stability is due to achievement in building healthy public relations between the citizens. There is widespread interdependence of all the people of China whereby there is communal responsibility rather than the individual. This means that most of the roles are collective and focus on the success of the whole country rather than individuals (Shandwick, 2004). Like other countries of the world, China experiences cases of violence due to rising conflicting ideas among the leaders.

A single party known as “The Communist Party of China” (CPC) governs China. The party provides leadership to the country’s 22 provinces, 5 sovereign regions, and 4 directly governed municipalities. There are two other notable governing regions Hong Kong and Macau, which are also under CPC. The capital city for China is Beijing. China’s landscape is not favorable for traditional agricultural practices because most of the land lies in the desert. The terrain in general is rugged and hilly. The land proximity forced most of the Chinese to practice peasant farming for survival (Culbertson, 2006). The practice of peasant farming ended in the 1970’s as an initiative by Mao Tse-tung to change Chinese Society. Mao suggested the adoption of Western technology to end poverty. Adoptions of western technology and public relations have improved the economy of China to the present state.

The purpose of this essay is to address the bond between Chinese culture and public relations. This addresses the people of China’s way of life and their relationship. Another focus is the impact of media in promoting public relations in the country, and the impacts of public relations to business development in the country (Culbertson, 2006). Finally, the essay&nbsp.focus on modern trends in Chinese society in providing openings in business and the challenges faced in the practice of public relations.&nbsp.

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