Need An Research Paper On Obamacare The Achievements Of Our Founding Fathers Nee

Need an research paper on obamacare. the achievements of our founding fathers. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Discussion Before we embark further into the debate, it is important to learn, understand, and recall the achievements of our founding Fathers and the knowledge and experience that inspired them to establish this nature and type of government. It also important to understand and recall the origins and characters of the United States constitution and the structure of government and the rights and privileges of citizenship that is inherent in the constitution. The American constitution was drafted and promulgated in 1787.1 The early framers and formulators of the United States constitution had experienced dark and hard times under the previous despotic central government system that was dominated by tyranny and oppression. In view of the above, they devised and entrenched a system of government into the constitution that was divided with each having a clear cut jurisdiction and mandate. The framers of the constitution were keen to divide the power of the government through the constitution. a three tier system of government structure was established.2 United States constitution created the federal system of government in which power was shared between the federal government and the state governments. It is important to note that the power sharing structure deviates from the centralized government structure that is present in United Kingdom in which the national government maintains and controls power. Free government as proposed and understood by the founders of the nation was to restrict and structure the powers of the government with a view of securing and articulating rights in the declaration of independence, preventing tyranny, and preserving liberty. In order to achieve the above aspirations, the remedy was the creation of a strong, energetic government that had limited authority. Consequently, the powers of the government were enumerated in a written constitution, separated into different functions, responsibilities, and were further divided into the powers of federal/national government and state governments.2 The three forms of government that have been established under the United States Constitution include a federal government with three independent branches: executive, legislative and judiciary.1 The powers and functions of the above branches of the federal government are outlined in the constitution and further specified and delineated through laws that are enacted by the constitution. It is important to understand the circumstances and the reasons that led to the drafting and formulation of the constitution in relation to the functions of the government as regards its citizens. The constitution was drafted at a time when majority of Americans were expressing resentment and distrust in the central government that was authoritarian and tyrant in nature. The problem of a strong and autocratic government was further compounded by the overlapping ideas and rivalry of different states. The role of the United States constitution was, therefore, to limit the power of government over the individual, and the debate has ensued on how far such power may be extended. Initially, all the states in America had their own national congress and continental army, and they controlled their fiscal and political sovereignty.

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