Need An Research Paper On Personal Narrative About Visiting A National Park Need

Need an research paper on personal narrative about visiting a national park. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. The encounters I went through while in the national park will also be explained in this paper.

At the age of sixteen years, I got an opportunity to visit one of the greatest national parks in New York City. The national park I visited is the Gateway National Recreation Area. I enjoyed the magnificent view of the park, its surroundings, and the diverse wildlife in the park. Before visiting the park, which I did with some of my classmates, I had to plan the visit and make some preparations to make the encounter successful. First, I visited the offices of the national park and got a guide on their rates. This helped me plan the amount of money I would spend while in the park. Secondly, I had to notify the management about the details of my visit and the areas I intended to tour when I visited the park. This was essential to avoid visiting some parts of the park that might be prohibited. Other preparations I had to make included ensuring there was a guide who could take us through the park.

There are several reasons why I choose to visit the national park. One of the reasons is because of the variety of living things that can be found in the park. The biodiversity in the park is something I cherished and the many creatures in the park give the visitor an amazing view of what the park offers. This national park offers a unique experience with a wide variety of plants and animals whose distribution in the park is amazing. The other reason I visited the park was to be in an environment that is healthy. With many plants in the park, the air is fresh and the environment is healthy. For a long time, I had wished to gain the first-hand experience of what is in a large national park since I had been to only a few tourist attraction sites. Moreover, I wanted to know how the organisms (both plants and animals) in the park survive and how they interact to enhance survival for each of them.

I chose the Gateway National Recreation Area&nbsp.because of its strategic location and the variety of recreation sites found there.

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