Need An Research Paper On Portraits Of Queen Victoria In The Nineteenth Century

Need an research paper on portraits of queen victoria in the nineteenth century. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. &nbsp.This portrait is in fact a postured scene with Victoria wearing her bridal dress fourteen years following the actual ceremony (Plunkett, 2003).

The motive for Fenton’s choice of this moment was that photographic methods widely used when they wedded in 1840 implied that there were extremely long exposure periods (Plunkett, 2003). Fenton took this photo in 1854 to imply that the exposure periods decreased substantially.

Figure 2: “The Family of Queen Victoria” by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter composed a number of the Royal Family portraits after receiving a far-reaching commission from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (Plunkett, 2003).

Scholars and historians argue that Winterhalter’s charm, high-end style, and successful ability to catch a good resemblance often pushed Victoria to support Winterhalter’s artistry. This support is evident in the portrait “The Family of Queen Victoria” by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, which is also filled with symbolic significance (Plunkett, 2003).

In numerous ways, this painting is the same as Fenton’s photograph “Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Buckingham Palace.” This is because both pictures feminize Queen Victoria’s position (Plunkett, 2003).

In essence, Winterhalter and Fenton depict both Victoria and Albert as equals from a parenting, royal, and marital perspective.

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