Need An Research Paper On Proffessional Frameworks For Counselling Needs To Be 1

Need an research paper on proffessional frameworks for counselling. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism. The former person, called as the counselor helps the stressed out person to relieve themselves and find solutions to their personal as well as societal problems. (Sills 2006)

To identify the purpose of why counselling was started, we have to go back to the twentieth century. The twentieth century saw much turbulence. two World wars, innumerable depressions, poverty stricken countries and much more. All these had a big demoralizing and psychological effect on all the people living in the World. Hence, a process was required were people can be compassionate to one another, follow moral ideals and have more social concern for others. There was an urgent need to constantly improve the social welfare. This can only be achieved if the human mind is working in a positive way. All these gave birth to one approach, called the counselling approach.

According to Burks and Stefflre(1974), the process of Counselling can be termed as a professional approach where the counselor and the client get involved in a face-to-face talk. The counselor tries to understand the so called ‘lifespace’ of the client and helps them to make confident choices on their life changing issues. The counselor identifies in the client what is most needed in him and what is not. The counselor helps the client to set goals and defines a process on how to achieve them. The definition given by the author states the meaning of counselling profession in a generic manner without relating to any particular field or profession.

While Burks states it generic by terming it as professional relationship, Fetham and Dryden (1993) try to distinguish the profession of counselling form its other counterparts, which are nursing, friendships and other social activities. They state that the relationship maintained between the counselor and the client is one which applies more theories based on psychology, personal experience and the medium of communication. They clearly state that it needs to be an evolving relationship where both parties share their thoughts with absolute confidentiality and they try to entertain the thoughts of relieving distress and emotions. So, they clearly state that Counselling is entirely different from other helping activities. A professional body known as BAC (1984) stated in the 80’s itself that Counselling needs to be more of understanding and commitment to confidence of the client rather than acting on the reflections of the mind. It is about the sharing of problems and letting the client self explore them to understand about them for the betterment of their future. Overall, it can be said that the purpose of counselling has led people to propose different school of thoughts on its definition and it is not possible to contain its meaning in one single statement.

Individual philosophical view

One has to have his/her own philosophical thought on any kinds of issue. Counselling has propelled innumerous ideas about it. But, according to me, it is about helping people, resolving their problems.

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