Need An Research Paper On Proposal Report Needs To Be 4 Pages Please No Plagiari

Need an research paper on proposal report. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. In the modern society where internet has revolutionized the way of conducting communication among individuals, groups and departmental units, web based internal administration system bears a special relevance. This system allows managers to manage projects effectively, thereby ensuring that operational efficiency is achieved with minimal errors. Thus, this research proposal is about one such web based internal administration system and its associated characteristics, which will enable the manager of a construction company to conduct all its business processes very effectively.

The construction industry throughout the world is splintered due to involvement of many stakeholders and phases in a construction project (Yi and Hwang, 2003). As a result of this fragmentation, construction companies have faced number of well documented problems with information processing and communication (Maurer, et al., 2000. Thorpe and Mead, 2001). In addition to that, fragmentation has also been largely responsible for creation of adversarial relationships between parties involved in a particular project (Alshawi and Ingirige, 2003). This fragmentation has been widely believed as the cause of low productivity in construction companies (Dossick and Sakagami, 2008).

With the advent of information technology, modern and innovative information technology tools are being increasingly used by construction companies in order to minimize certain problems associated with fragmentation (Lee and Yu, 2012). The utilization of information technology in the form of web based project management applications has resulted in improvement of collaboration and coordination between companies participating actively in a construction project (Han, et al., 2008).

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