Need An Research Paper On Published Piece Of Research Needs To Be 9 Pages Please

Need an research paper on published piece of research. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. The research article is carefully chosen as there have not been many previous studies on the media constructions of identity theft in the United States. The reviewer is also attracted by the specific content analysis and newspaper article studies employed by the researchers for the purpose of the study. The paper tries to make a critical review of the selected research article by applying the basic tenants of research methods.

The introductory part of the research seems concise and precise, and it focuses specifically on the media portrayal of identity theft in the United States. The researchers identify identity theft as a typical 21st-century phenomenon due to the rapid growth of technology and information systems. Special efforts are taken by the researchers to bring in the shocking data on identity theft from reliable sources like the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2006) and the Javelin Strategy Research Group. However, the researchers purport that there have not been any significant studies on the media representations on identity theft in the United States- an area that needs more research and studies.

The aims and objectives of the study, as well as the scope and importance of the research, are very clearly defined by the researchers. The purpose of the research is to “explore how the media portray identity theft and how the media have characterized identity theft offenders and offenses over the past several years” (Morris and Longmire, p. 2-3). Factors such as the delay in identifying and reporting identity theft (under-reporting), the freshness of the nature of the crime and vagueness in the official classification of identity theft (which the researchers term as ‘ambiguous criminal justice attenuation or classification’), lack of clear legislation in this regard, lack of clear cut definitions on identity theft and then trans-national&nbsp.nature of the crime have all, according to the researchers, increase the scope and significance of the study.&nbsp.

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