Need An Research Paper On Racism In Advertisement Needs To Be 1 Page Please No P

Need an research paper on racism in advertisement. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. The words further make the intention of the marketer controversial as they, one way of the other, promote and highlight supremacy and reign of White over the Black (Stuart, 2006).

After watching this advertisement, the general perception I drew about the Whites was somewhat grand and physically powerful while the image of Blacks went down to slavery that was ever associated with them. Although it is an advertisement of gaming consoles, the idea about the racial differences remains an important part of this billboard advertisement making it questionable and unacceptable for many viewers. In my opinion, the advertisement is disrespectful to one race and provides a hidden meaning of superiority of Whites over the Blacks that remain discriminatory in its true essence.

If someone was to learn about racial dynamics in the U.S. purely through this ad, he/she might think of blacks as socially lower class and disrespected people and Whites as dominant and powerful who may control Blacks.

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