Need An Research Paper On The Challenges And Opportunities Facing Qatar In The N

Need an research paper on the challenges and opportunities facing qatar in the next ten years. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. &nbsp.Qatari leaders should also ensure that communication networks are developed with the latest advancements in technology. Qatar also aims at providing employment to the youths through government-initiated projects. The next ten years would see an influx in the number of youths in well-paying jobs. Qatar is also a beautiful country with a pleasant climate. This makes it a destination point to several tourists from all over the world. If this continues, then the country will have a stable tourism industry in the next ten years.

Qatar depends solely on oil as a source of its revenue. In as much as the oil reserves cannot be depleted any time soon. Qatar should stop its overdependence on oil imports. It should look for another avenue to invest. For instance, Qatar should pump in resources in the tourism sector to increase the revenues obtained from it. Qatar is also affected by food instability. This is because of the desert that occupies the large part of the region. The country would face lots of problems in the next ten years should better ways of practicing irrigation are not implemented. In conclusion, Qatar should make sure its political stability is maintained in the next ten years. This is because that is the only way it will keep up with the development projects it has initiated. Additionally, Qatari leaders should take caution and not let the wave of unrest affecting some of the Middle East countries crop into Qatar.

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