Need An Research Paper On The Groth Of Democracy And Democratic Features Needs T

Need an research paper on the groth of democracy and democratic features. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. While democracy has seen growth and expansion of the level of freedom. political and civil rights in the different states of the world, the prevailing stability of economies of some nations has ensured a good life for the individual citizens.

In major democratic states of the world today, people have the freedom to participate in fair and free elections, freedom to assemble and participate in communal activities, right to a fair trial, right to life and security amongst others (Dahl, 1989, p. 151). Also, the different governments have the mandate of protecting their citizens against harm emanating from other people, organizations or even other governments as stipulated by the constitutions of the many states (Thomas, 2002, p. 5-21). With a democratic government, the constitution is the most powerful weapon and not even a president is above the law. Nevertheless, the stability of the country’s economy is the basis of determining the country’s economic development (FitzGerald, 1999. 10-30).

In the recent past, serious questions have been raised by different scholars in matters relating to the element of democracy in a state and its relation to the economic development of such nations and has left many wondering, if democracy is such an important element to economic development, why then do we still have so many nations of the global south struggling yet they embraced the democratic form of government decades ago? Do economic developments have anything to do with the type of governance in a country? There is a number quite a number of major countries of the world who have not yet embraced democracy as a form of governance and others are withdrawing from it yet they are in scaling heights of economic developments (Kormendi and Meguire, 1985, p. 141-163). Do we then say that a stable economy is more important than a democratic government? Such questions and others can only be answerable by critically reviewing the products of a democratic government. political stability, equitable distribution of resources and enforcement of human rights while at the same time reviewing the products of a stable economy. employment vacancies, great investment opportunities, stable prices on the goods and services in the market as well as a strong currency.

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