Need An Research Paper On The Lady Eve Review Needs To Be 2 Pages Please No Plag

Need an research paper on the lady eve review. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Our Individuals Place in Society. As the movie explains, we all have a role to play in our society. Fathers have a responsibility of being the bread winners and bringing up their children. They offer guidance and act as the role model for their children. A society is an organized group of people living in the same geographic region and is associated together for political, religion, culture laws and values reasons. A modern father is quite different from a traditional father who only gave disciplinarily and was the breadwinner in a family. They develop a personal relationship with the children and develop a very strong relationship as the children grow. In this film, Rowans father is willing to do anything for his sick son. He is seen traveling a long journey to seek treatment for his son who was discovered with Autism disease. The father has played a parenting role as he overcomes all the challenges along the way without giving up. A society has a power to determine how children grow and their future character. It is imperative for parents to give and offer the right morals and guidance to their children for better molding in a society.

Difference Between Ai Wei-Wei and Banksy

One of the major differences between Ai Wei-Wei and Banksy is that Ai Wei-Wei used graffiti art while Bankysy used street art. Bankysy was a filmmaker who used art to deliver his message. He was voted as one of the most influential persons in the world. He is put in the same category with the alike of Obama and lady gaga. He mainly displaces his art on publically visible places such as walls. On the other hand, Wei-Wei was a filmmaker and activist in China. His use of art was considered as destructive. He uses Scarecrow to deliver his message in the street of China. Art is a variety of human activities and the resulting product of those activities that usually involve technical and imaginative skills. These activities include criticism of work, work of art production, the study of art, and dissemination of art. Art focuses on the production of visual art that includes the creation of object or image, painting, printmaking, and photography. Art can be mainly be used for educating a society. One of the place where you can display art include on public streets and roads. A good example where you can use art is when you want to challenge a governments decision to ignore public opinion. One can decide to use art to educate people about the serious consequences of the governments choice of action or decision. Art is very effective way of communication and educating a society.

The Place of Human Being in Nature.

The book of Kells is sometimes known as the book of Columba. Its a Gospel book in Latin. It contains four gospels books of the Bible in the New Testament and various prefatory tables and text. In this book, different cultures are discussed. The book talks about how images are understood as visual exegesis. The nature of humans has been portrayed as one that can be influenced by the use of art. The objects being displayed in the book have a great impact on a human understanding of the message being conveyed in the book. The culture of humans depends on the interaction between human and other species. Culture differs among different societies. The nature of the human being is to adopt and practice the existing culture in their community. Different objects can be used to influence a culture among people living in the same region. In this book, the objects used are meant to educate people from a Christian perspective.

Social construction

Social construction is a construction of a reality that you might not be aware of. It is a notion assigned to object based on gender, races and the class they are in. Rowans parents are a victim of social construction as they believe they have a responsibility of seeking treatment for their son. They know since they are the parents of the sick child, only they are entitled to seek medication for their son. Another social construction is the love they feel for their son. They are willing to do anything for him to get better. There is a strong relationship between the father and the son that portrayed a good parenting.

Creation of Beauty by Human Being

Ecocriticism is the study of environment and literature from an interdisciplinary point of view. Ai Wei-Wei sunflowers are made up of dedication and millions small work. Each of these sunflowers are identical but are unique. From these sunflowers, beauty is observed by the way they look. Human beings can create beauty by the use of art. When one creates an object, which has a good appealing to the eyes its an addition to beauty. A human can add beauty by adding more art in our society such as painting, use of scarecrows and creation of objects such as sunflower seeds.

Ai Wei-Wei Serpent Meaning.

One of the many uses of art by the Ai Wei-Wei was the creation of a snake bag. The snake bag is very beautiful and has become very famous around the world. It was created using 360 childrens backpacks that were killed during Sichuan earthquake in 2008. The main reason for using the snake bag art is to deliver the message that the children died as a result of the poor code of building houses in China. Corruption was the key factor that led to building of the poor houses. As a result, China government has regarded him as a threat.

Who is a Human Being?

According to this picture, a human being is portrayed as one who is fascinated by nature. He is surrounded by nature hence influencing the way he relates to the objects around. It is from this nature that leads to a human creation of art such as symbols and painting. A human can be greatly influenced to create something new or a resemblance of what the nature has.

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