Need An Research Paper On The Lawyer S Professional Qualities Needs To Be 2 Page

Need an research paper on the lawyer’s professional qualities. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. What makes lawyer professional?

Every single person on the Earth is an individual. We need work of different kinds. These two statements are those that appear in every person’s head at least for once, when they think of a future job. To find a right place in life you usually think of a job you enjoy and would like to do, however you also need to consider presence in you of necessities that are required to be a professional in your field. Thus, obviously there are objective and subjective necessities of some kind that make a professional lawyer.

The one unequivocal necessity of a good lawyer, as well as any lawyer at all, is a law school diploma and membership in BAR association. Without it, you cannot practice law. Every single lawyer has these two things. Another thing a professional lawyer should have is experience. In any job, there are very few people who became great specialists right after graduating from school or university. These are the only necessities a good lawyer should have.

As for subjective qualities a professional lawyer should have, the first one is you have to be tranquil. There are a lot of people who would try to unbalance you intentionally (opponents) or not on purpose (clients, boss, colleagues et cetera). There are also many things that would go not your way, which can be disappointing or make you angry. If you would be not calm, for example, in a courtroom, you may lose your case. As an example of a lawyer’s tranquility Hillary Clinton can be taken (Gates).

Another important quality professional lawyer should have is understanding that all you do is not about yourself, neither is it about your boss or your firm. It is all about your clients and their problems. It is important to remember that a lawyer is only a person who provides some sort of services, if taken in general. As an example of such quality, Paul Gilbert can be taken (Gilbert).

It is not less important to stand until the end and be sticking to your guns, because there are many people who finish trying just before succeeding in something. It is also needed to be able to take risks and to be ready to influence people’s lives, especially when dealing with criminal law. As an incarnation of these qualities, Preet Bharara can be taken (Dinh).

A professional lawyer also needs to have good analytical skills to be able to deal with large amount of information, such as contracts, statutes, bylaws et cetera. In addition, it is required for a good lawyer to have a logical pattern of thinking to make correct conclusions of the facts he or she has and to make his or her work logically structured. Among that, it is very important to be able to successfully speak to public. It could be the jury, or board of directors or reporters et cetera. As an embodiment of such qualities, Anthony Kennedy can be taken (Olson).

To make a balance it can be seen that a lawyer is a profession, which, as well as other professions, has quite high standards to those who are willing to try to reach their best with it. A good lawyer obviously needs to have certain objective necessities and subjective requirements to become a professional in the field.

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