Need An Research Paper On The New Equality Act And Its Effects On Current Law Ne

Need an research paper on the new equality act and its effects on current law. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Complex issues arising from the existing laws affect both employees or those providing goods and services, and employers and business owners attempting to meet ever-changing requirements can present issues in and of themselves. How well or not so well current changes to laws governing equality will fair remains to be seen. The fact that any change, especially those in the legal realm, can be disruptive must be an accepted point of fact.

Often criticized as a fragmented set of rules, changes proposed to the Equality Act currently before Parliament are conversely touted as an effort to codify, clarify, regularize and combine all of the precepts proposed in the 2006 bill into one coherent piece of legislation that will benefit those whom the bill is meant to protect, as well as those responsible for ensuring they are protected. &nbsp.In researching the changes it is apparent that much legal “hair-splitting” defines the changes and places employers and anyone having to abide by the new rules in a position of guilty until proven innocent based on some fairly complex legal assertions. As with most new legislation, and as always, the passage of the new law with changes will undoubtedly provide both benefits and detriments in the quest for true equality.

Proposed Changes: Who Is Protected

The new Equality Bill as published in 2009 expands coverage and adds another layer of who may be discriminated against and what constitutes discrimination, in this case, those with disabilities. According to Stammeringlaw (2009), the bill places under its widening umbrella groups and individuals who heretofore would have had difficulty making a case for discrimination. It also makes it more difficult for employers to “talk their way out of” charges of discrimination, leaving employers or government agencies with few options in making decisions heretofore deemed appropriate.&nbsp.

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