Need An Research Paper On The Question Of Outlawing Guns Needs To Be 9 Pages Ple

Need an research paper on the question of outlawing guns. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. The question of outlawing guns is a complex matter because huge costs are involved to make any activity illegal, especially in a country like America where most people feel it is their fundamental right to own guns. At the same time because guns are naturally risky and there are a number of evidence that proves that keeping guns at home is unsafe therefore it is not wise to protest against the government’s policy of deciding who can own guns and under what circumstances. It is the government’s prerogative to decide the rationality of continued gun ownership and steps should be recommended to family members to minimize the potential of unsafe behaviors. It is however not ethically right to entirely outlaw guns because it will make law-abiding citizens vulnerable in the hands of hardcore criminals. It is also clear from the evidence that criminals will find ways to procure guns even if guns are outlawed.

In the light of basic rights of human beings, the right to owning guns and keeping them at home should not be restricted. This is the reason why it is “incorporated as the second amendment to the US constitution (1791) as part of the Bill of Rights” (Sather, 1999, p.264). The basic rights of individuals will be violated if guns are banned. Guns can allow people to protect themselves and stop the occurrence of bad events. In America, there are forty states where the law allows people to carry guns and these laws have been in force for more than 80 years. There are eight other states where laws have imposed some restrictions but people can be allowed to carry guns. There are some states which maintain detailed information about the people who own and carry guns to keep track of their activities with guns. It has been seen that many mass shootings have been prevented by citizens because they have legal rights to carry guns. There are also cases where the person carrying a gun does not need to fire his gun because the fact that he is carrying the gun is enough to stop a potential criminal&nbsp.activity.&nbsp.

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