Need An Research Paper On The Ritzer S Globalization Needs To Be 4 Pages Please

Need an research paper on the ritzer`s globalization. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. The author talks about how technology is critical to globalization. He shows how the ever-changing information technology, for example, the invention of the World Wide Web (WWW), has enhanced connectivity of people across the world. According to the author, global organizations have benefited a lot from increased globalization. A global organization with its head office in the US can easily manage its branch in China owing to advanced information technology. This is possible with the Internet whereby operations reports in China may be sent to the head office.&nbsp.The author shows how the invention of containerization has boosted globalization. Goods can now move from one corner of the world to the other at a lower cost compared to a couple of decades ago. A global organization can manufacture goods in the United States and transport them to China for sale at competitive prices due to the decrease in transport costs.&nbsp.According to the author, governments have as well fueled globalisation by elimination of trade barriers. The author compares international trade today to international trade a couple of years ago. The author shows how globalisation has boosted international trade by elimination of trade barriers. Many countries have entered into trade agreements eliminating the trade barrier. Global organisations have benefited immensely from this because goods can move freely from one country to another.&nbsp.The book shows how the increased competition in the world of business has fuelled globalisation. Businesses have spread operations beyond borders to take advantage of the large global market. This has increased movement of goods, services and people, thus enhancing globalisation. Global organisations are taking advantage of the emerging markets, for example, Brasil, China, and India, where there is an increasing demand for goods and services as their middle class grows rapidly.

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