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In their daily life situation, people would always stop at a grocery shop, on their way home from work, to pick up dinner and maybe a can of soda. While, at it, they notice a different display in the aisle, with a different packaging, saying that the soda, has fortified essential vitamins. When they read the label carefully, they would notice that can only has 15% of the daily value of Niacin and Vitamin B6 and B12. On further scrutiny, they will also notice that the soda costs a little more than the old version they normally buy. This makes them wonder whether the soda is worth the cost and whether they need all these Vitamins.

In America, alone people spend almost $21.3 billion dollars each year on diet supplements. So the question still remains as to whether this money is a waste or whether this people truly benefit from these Vitamins and fortified foods. That is why we have some non-profit organizations that are establishing that to be able to regulate these products in America. One of these organizations includes. the United States Pharmacopeial conventions (USP) (Thompson and Manore 186).

About USP

The United States Pharmacopeial convention (USP) is a nonprofit making organization that is scientific. Its main function is to set standards of identity, strength, quality and medicines that are pure ingredients of food, distributing manufactured supplements of diet and consumed globally. The enforcing of USPs drug standards in the United States is by the administration of food and drugs. Developing these standards and, more than 130 countries rely on them. More than 800 volunteer experts mainly develop and revise the USP standards.

Some of these volunteers include. the international participants who work with the USP under rules that are of strict conflict-of-interest. Establishing USP was first in 1820, since then it has helped to secure the American drugs supply that are of quality. To strengthen this legacy, today USP is working with scientists, practitioners and regulators that help protect the health of the public internationally, from various countries (Thompson and Manore 186).

USP impact

The United States Pharmacopeial Conventions whose mission is to see a world that have its citizens have high quality access, safe and beneficial foods and medicines. USP approaches this vision urgently and with a purpose. The enforcing of this vision is by expert volunteers, members and staff who work in collaboration with key stakeholders globally. The founding of United States Pharmacopeial Convention in 1820, by a group that comprises 11 physicians that are responsible in organizing the need that is essential for a nation’s dictionary of names of drug and formulas in the United States. Previously there was considerable fight at the market place for medicines and drugs. There was little assurance of medicines that are of quality, taken by patients.

The first edition of United States Pharmacopeial convention featured the preparations and drugs that were the best and also defined terminologies that facilitated communication among the physicians. These physicians were responsible in medicine administration and prescription and the pharmacists who were preparing them. Since then, The United States Pharmacopeial Convention has been focusing on quality which has then expanded to other areas of medicine, pharmacy, care of patients, supplements of diet and foods. The United States Pharmacopeial Convention as an organization is reaching other parts of different countries beyond borders of the United States (Thompson and Manore 186).

The United States Pharmacopeial convention has a mission of improving people’s health globally through standards of the public and related programs that will help to ensure medicines and foods that are of quality are safe and beneficial to the citizens (Thompson and Manore 186).

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