Need An Research Paper On Understanding Skin Cancer For A Professional Arabic Tr

Need an research paper on understanding skin cancer for a professional arabic translator/interpreter. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. In the former Government policy document in the UK, The Health of the Nation, skin cancer has been featured as one of the preventable cancers. Therefore, prevention should always be at the forefront of the fight to reduce skin cancer. In recent years, the rapid increase of skin cancer has been linked with changes in social and individual behavior, e.g., the fashion of sunbathing. Hence, educating people about the importance of protecting their skin from the overexposure to the strong sunlight has become a priority. The incidence of melanoma (the most dangerous type of skin cancer) has increased more rapidly than that of any other malignancy in the United States over the past 4 decades. Once metastasis has occurred, no current treatments substantially enhance patient survival.

&nbsp.It would also help them to understand some of the most frequently used key and general terms and their equivalence in Arabic to provide useful and reliable sources in order to give her/him the knowledge and the confidence to translate texts, or interpret in the conference on the skin cancer and/or its treatment.

In order to familiarize myself with the subject, I had to do a lot&nbsp.of research and consult some experts in Manchester for e.g., Christies Hospital in South Manchester (an Oncology Hospital), as well as some cancer organizations, such as the Cancer Research Organization in the UK, though I had some background information about skin cancer.&nbsp.First, I referred booklets received from different medical organizations. The information about skin cancer was obtained by e-mail.&nbsp.I have referred some specialized web-sites on skin cancer, including those of Government organizations, textbooks, medical journals which later enabled me to understand more detailed information about skin cancer.&nbsp.Later on, I started with the glossary, where I have chosen the terms and have found their equivalents in Arabic.

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