Need An Research Paper On Unhealthy Americans Needs To Be 11 Pages Please No Pla

Need an research paper on unhealthy americans. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. Culture is a bearer of traditions and customs which make the base for the every country.

American culture is very interesting because it includes the pieces of the cultures of other countries: everything concerning food, traditions and way of life was brought form the countries of Europe and Southern America. Nowadays all this is combined into one special American culture which determines the way of life of Americans.

American culture is known throughout the world and everybody knows the main features of this culture. Now American culture is in the process of occupying the world: American food and way of life are very popular now. Though Americans are very concerned about the result of their unhealthy way of life and their unhealthy food.

Nowadays the most important problem of the American people is the problem of weight. It is the most dangerous and progressing problem. People in America gain weight because chief food and immovable way of life. At least two thirds of adult people in America are considered to be stout, or even worse suffer from obesity. The annual sum for treating the diseases which were caused by obesity is more than a hundred million. Now more and more people recognize the problem and the great money are spent for special diet foods, physical exercises, restaurants have the range of dishes with reduced calories.

The second problem is the immovable way of life. There level of economical and technological development of the country is very high and the average citizen can have a car to drive. That is why the everyday life does not require walking or some other physical efforts.

Along with the problems of obesity and immovable way of life there are some unhealthy problems which exist in every countries of the world. Such problems are drugs, smoking and alcohol drinking. It is a sad fact that mostly it is popular among the young people. So it is a risk that the new generation will have many serious diseases.

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