Need An Research Paper On Untittled Needs To Be 1 Page Please No Plagiarism When

Need an research paper on untittled. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. when due: A LUSCIOUS SCULPTURE. After a very long personal stare on the sculpture, I realized that it had a compelling force pulling me to it. The sculpture makes me feel luscious and attracted. it creates an urge that I did not feel like looking away. The texture to start with is striking. an aerial view angled a bit from the side brings out an inconsistent red color only visible at certain positions unlike the rest of the sculpture. Light reflections at intervals with the mixture of a smooth touch contribute to appearance and appeal. Holding the sculpture is more interesting. feeling the smooth texture and the rhythmic curves made on the upper part of the body.

The artistic objectives intended by the artist are brought out clearly and excellently in the choice of color. Mentioning an overall black colored sculpture immediately registers in the mind that it was a dull item. The artist, however, made an overall coloring that is rich, bright, vibrant, engaging and that creates visual interest. There is a well-calculated color harmony on the sculpture accompanied by excellent color context between the black color and vivid red.

The sculpture is a 3dimension figure with a height, width, and depth made from a solid to a hollow. The method used in designing the sculpture is subtractive, this is where an artist creates an item by carving and removing the extra material used to attain a desired shape. Considering that the sculptures have a small size and almost similar to a vase, implies the artist did not experience a very difficult time building most of it. The bottom part takes a cylindrical shape up to halfway up. the top has a pyramid-like shape designed with simultaneous curves and a small circular opening sinking into the interior.

This sculpture is a clear indication of innovative and excellent artistic work carried out carefully. The color choice was excellent, perfect texture, a suitable size for an intimate relationship and focal areas attained their importance of bringing out areas of interest.


Thomas, Isabel. Sculptures. London: Raintree, 2013. Print.

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