Need An Research Paper On Which Aspects Of Communism Posed A Challenge To Libera

Need an research paper on which aspects of communism posed a challenge to liberal capitalism in the first half of the twentieth century. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Furthermore, in the communist system of Government basic needs such as health care and education are provided by the state since wealth was also equally distributed. The press was also owned and controlled by the state. The central focus of the communist system was on communal progression.

On the other hand, the capitalist system was driven by the democratic system of Government and allowed for private ownership of property as well as press freedom. Furthermore in the capitalist system wealth was not evenly distributed since free enterprise was allowed, and its central focus was on individual progression1.

Since the shift from communism to capitalism system was preferred towards the first half of the twentieth century, several aspects of communism posed different challenges to liberal capitalism. This academic paper shall focus on the different aspects of communism that posed challenges to liberal capitalism in the first half of the twentieth Century. This paper shall also address other related features such as the relationship between communism and coercion as well as how communism was understood in different parts of Europe2.

Before the shift from Socialism to Capitalism in parts of Europe such as Russia, empires were under monarchs. The Russian society was composed into four groups namely the noble who were the ruling class, the upper class who were the clergy, the middle class and the masses. By that period, the ruling emperor was known as Tsar Nicholas the second and had unlimited political power. The noble and upper class owned majority of the land while the majority of the population entailed peasants who were poverty stricken and powerless. When the Russian system shifted from Communism to Capitalism, serfs could not own property hence market forces were not driven by free enterprise. Furthermore, the serfs were not completely free hence the Government was not democratic in any way3.

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