Need Help Please Preparing A Case Us Juevenile System The Juvenile Justice Syste

Need Help Please! Preparing a case (US juevenile System)

The juvenile justice system is truly unique compared to the adult offender system. Juvenile offenders have distinctive arrest and hearing procedures compared to adult offenders. It is important to understand the process and constitutional rights to effectively navigate the juvenile process as a law enforcement officer, a case manager, a judicial clerk, an attorney, a judge, or a probation officer. As a professional working in law enforcement at any level, it is critical to understand the procedures that control legal situations

A case study allows you to evaluate the situation with your course knowledge, regardless of your position in the juvenile justice system, and provides a hands-on approach with juvenile justice. In the case study, you will receive a specific fact pattern that involves the charging and the initial hearing process for a juvenile offender. You will assume the roles of an attorney and law enforcement officer in evaluating the juvenile offender’s rights during arrest, the hearing process, and the appropriate options available to enforce upon the juvenile offender. 

Prompt: Milestone One relates to the information you learned in Module One and Two about the roles of actors in juvenile cases as opposed to adult cases. A legal professionals’ due diligence includes doing research on an assigned case. Research can involve historical context as well as current standards and guidelines. Milestone One provides you an opportunity to conduct such research. For this milestone, you will submit a draft of the Final Project section Preparing a Case.(1 to 2 Pg)

Case study:

Jack and Diane are each 13 years old and are best friends. On September 12, 2012, Jack asked Diane to meet at Moe’s Convenience Store. While in the store, Jack steals three packs of gum and a candy bar. Jack hands Diane two boxes of candy to place in her purse. Diane places the candy in her purse. The store owner, Moe, notices Diane place items in her purse. As Jack and Diane exit the store, Moe calls their names and runs after them. Jack pushes Moe to the ground and exits with Diane. Moe calls the police and reports the theft. The police apprehend Jack and Diane a few blocks away from the store. The police only retrieve the boxes of candy from Diane but not the packs of gum nor the candy bar taken by Jack. The police escort Jack and Diane to the police station where they question them for two hours regarding the theft. Diane confesses her and Jack’s role in the theft. Jack denies any wrongdoing. The police charge Jack and Diane with theft and also charge Jack with simple assault. Their hearings are within the state mandated time after they are petitioned to appear in the local juvenile court.

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed: 

Preparing a Case

A. What information would you want to know as a sentencing judge in Jack and Diane’s case? Provide a rationale for each choice.

B. Explain how Jack and Diane will be treated as juvenile offenders as compared to adult offenders. Why?

C. Why is it important to treat juveniles who commit offenses differently than adults?

D. Describe how juveniles who commit offenses have historically been treated differently than adults. Why has this view evolved? Explain the due process rights afforded to Jack and Diane during the hearing process. Provide rationale for the evolution of the due process rights.

E. Determine possible court-ordered options for Jack and Diane, defending your response. 

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