Need Help With My Writing Homework On A Healthy Community Write A 250 Word Paper

Need help with my writing homework on A Healthy Community. Write a 250 word paper answering; A Healthy Community

A healthy society is where people are fee from physical and mental problems. The community enables its members to reach their full potential. The welfare of a healthy society is banked upon the ability of people to undertake their daily activities without pain, or diseases. As such, any person living in a healthy community has an equal chance of thriving and achieving full potential as far as health is concerned. People in a healthy community are comfortable and the factors within attract outsiders (Maurer & Smith, 2012).

A healthy community offers its members avenues of getting health information. In addition, a healthy community provides the members with a healthy environment. For example, healthy communities have clean water, clean air and accessible medical services. To avert any unhealthy situations, the community invests heavily in health and prevention measures. Moreover, people are protected from health hazards caused by lifestyles of others such as smoking. The community also invests in measures aimed at rehabilitating unhealthy lifestyles. Healthy communities believe that health is not only defined as the absence of illness, but also as a clean environment that gives people the opportunity to live a full life. Thus, healthy communities have low levels of illnesses, clean environment, clean air and water and effective drainage systems.

If I cared for community whose definition of a healthy community is different from mine, I would use health education to put the various issues into perspective. I would involve the community in finding the rationale for their definition of health and also provide my rationale. In this way, a consensus on the definition of a healthy community can be reached, thereby enabling me to provide effective care


Maurer, F. & Smith, C. M. (2012). Community/public health nursing practice: Health for families and populations. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier/Saunders.

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