Need Help With My Writing Homework On Amazon Kindle Fire Write A 2500 Word Paper

Need help with my writing homework on Amazon Kindle Fire. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Different models have been introduced since the beginning starting from the earlier one, followed by DX in 2009, and now the most recent one being the Kindle Fire. With less than a couple of years in the market, it has made a lot of progress and at the same time it needs to address certain issues, and since after the launch many factors have come to the forefront, therefore, this paper looks at the marketing perspective of Kindle Fire.

Kindle fire is seen as the beginning of a new era in the world of e-book device from Amazon since it is considered as the rival to Apple’s already in market I-pad. With Fire edition, it was the first time since Amazon introduced colored screens in their ebook readers. It provides access to thousands of movies, over a million books. With the help of Premier membership access to lots of free streams, the material becomes possible. It is being stated as the insurgent that has blown I-pad out of the water. It is being dubbed as I-pad killer and with such a formidable package and features it is certainly going to present a challenge to the existing players in the game. The fire edition would serve as outsider force in the industry since it is totally revamped and a new look to the previous versions of Kindle. It is built on the Android operating system and hence a complete infrastructure based kernel running the application programs. It runs on Android 2.3 version of the O.S. It provides a battery time of as long as eight hours and supports all three variants of Wi-Fi, that are, b/n/g. It has a dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1 G-hertz. (McNulty, S. 2011).

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