Need Help With My Writing Homework On An Introduction To Fashion Studies Write A

Need help with my writing homework on An Introduction to Fashion Studies. Write a 250 word paper answering; All over the world, appearance and fashion are very important, in spite of claims that it wastes precious time.

Just as simple as looking at someone, it is possible to determine if an individual is stylish, neat, trendy, lazy, or disorganized (Evans 32). While one does not need to strive to be perfect every time, basic thought and upkeep into one’s appearance makes a huge difference in how people perceive the individual.

Fashion also helps people to be creative. When people create something that they like, which ends up being successful, they feel good about themselves (Kawamura 21). For instance, a person who wears an outfit that he or she has never worn before and is complemented about it will have an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. This makes the individual more willing to try out new things as he or she knows that it will be appreciated.

Once an individual understands that there is no problem with looking different in comparison to the rest of society, they begin to acquire a signature look and style. This makes them less vulnerable to being stressed about their style. They do not feel the pressure of appearing similar to the rest. Through this, people gain confidence in themselves, promoting creativity in their lives and being expressive about themselves.

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