Need Help With My Writing Homework On Annotaed And Rephrase Write A 250 Word Pap

Need help with my writing homework on Annotaed and rephrase. Write a 250 word paper answering; Annotated Bibliography Stark, David. “Bending the bars of the iron cage bureaucratization and in formalization of capitalism and socialism” Sociologyforum vol. 4, no.4, 1989. Print.

David Stark’s article differentiates the meaning of capitalism’s casual economy and socialism’s instant economy during the industrial revolution era in America. He points out that, a casual economy is the product of efforts to evade accountability to the unambiguous justification of the controlling administration. He further notes that it operates to philosophies that coordinate the formal economy. In his article, he notes that socialism works in consolidated and planned economies of state where casualness answers to the ambiguities of redistributive government in core market relations. He notes that socialist markets are controlled and do not respond the forces of demand and supply. In his context, this policy indirectly recommends women and children to work, centrally to capitalism where anyone works at their own wish. In addition, he says that this trend can be changeable the respect the natural forces of the market.

David Stark’s article is an important source of knowledge. It would mostly help someone to know the differences of socialism and capitalism. It would also enable one to know why socialism was popular in the industrial revolution of America and how it ended. The objective of the article is achieved since it gives a vivid description of socialism, capitalism, and the industrial revolution in America.

His article was of much help to me since it informed, me of the differences of socialism and capitalism as it pertains to industrial revolution in America. Chapters in this article could be used in classes to explain the notable differences he gives of socialism. Information contained in this article could be used in research projects as a hypothesis to enable the researcher prove the differences indicated in this article.

Problems arose in contemporary America because of socialism. Labor unions powers have largely been eliminated and capitalists can engage in any transactions aimed at reducing the cost of labor thus weakening workers and socialism. Workers are threatened since the socialist inspired safety nets have been abolished (Bissett 7-38).

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Bissett, Jim. “Agrarian Socialism in America: Marx, Jefferson, and Jesus in the Oklahoma Countryside, 1904-1920.” Oklahoma. University of Oklahoma Press. 2002.

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