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Need help with my writing homework on Artist Reading Summary. Write a 500 word paper answering; Understanding of Indian Art Mario A. Caro, in his essay, “Owning the Picture,” explains how the native art shifted in production. That happened through the passing of two ACTs (NAGPRA act of 1992 and The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990) which supported the authenticity of native art production. They ensured that native art materials were only produced by natives or people recognized to be of native origin. Wendy Star’s work is a classical artwork synchronizing the Western and Indian culture. She combines, with precision, the elements that epitomize values and aesthetic perspectives that are representative of her. Born of an Irish mother and a full-blood Indian crow native father, she tries to depict, through her artwork, the combinations of those two different yet very important aspects of her cultural life.

Before the passage of the two Acts, Western intrusion on perspective, history and ways of Amerindian were depicted wrongly. Many of them, through artistic approach, inaccurately drew the native culture and history as was knowledgeable to them. Linda explains how tradition methods of collecting and producing native art practices by Westerners altered the outlook. Linda Smith says the manner in which the colonialist perceived and presented knowledge about natives and their aspects of life is misleading (Smith 1).

Janet Berlo observes in Early years of Native America History states that the history of Indian American art history in terms of shifting truths, falsehood, appropriations, scholarly formulations and historical moments-of different conjunctures of different historical moments (Berlo 13). In her artwork, Star shows the paradigms of Indian culture through the eyes of an original Amerindian. She displays the different outlook of her culture and how it has merged with modern society, something that previous artwork did not show.

While elaborating the dynamics that shifted and led to native artist trying to be the originators of Indian works, Caro shows how Luna and Durham have tried to contribute to the understanding of the truth. Luna and Durham explain their cultures and correct collective knowledge presented of Amerindian history through art. Wendy Star tries to explain her culture when she depicts herself as a traditional crow woman. Her self-depiction may be seen clearly in the Indian attire she adorns. She represents the history of her culture by the human skeletons, adorning Indian traditional headdress at the table with her. Together, they illustrate the truthfulness of her culture as an Indian. Caro, in Owning the Picture, shows that Luna’s work “Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit the West” is an exhibition of how Indian culture was displayed.

As seen, the works of Caro underscore the fact that Indian art was such a unique culture. Through her work, one gets to understand the reason for the common misconceptions and misunderstanding. The work also shows through the prism of a native the value of native art as one that should be interpreted through the lens of those who understand it best. Most importantly, Caro’s work advances the appreciation of Indian art.

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