Need Help With My Writing Homework On Assignment 3 Laboratory Write A 2000 Word

Need help with my writing homework on Assignment 3: Laboratory. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Cardiovascular system is therefore responsible for transporting hormones, cellular waste products throughout the body system as well as nutrients and oxygen. For the body to work well, a heart acts as a major organ in the processes of cardiovascular system and its synthesis since it pumps up and provide energy for whole body normal working condition (Aaronson, and Ward, and Connolly 12-21).

The heart is well known as a pumping organ within the body system located medial to the lungs and within the middle line of the thoracic region. The heart however, exhibits a base that connects to the great blood vessels of the body. Aorta, vena cava, pulmonary trunk and pulmonary veins are parts and vessels that create cardiovascular system norms. A heart pumps blood to various parts of the body and hence the pulse rate at which the blood is pumped is of more concern as far the the study of cardiovascular system and heart issues are concerned (Mohrman and Heller 29-36).

A cardiovascular system has three distinct functions within the body system. First and for most, a cardiovascular system is used in transportation of body materials. The second function of a cardiovascular system is used in the protection of pathogens as well as body’s homeostasis. In addition, a cardiovascular system can control the blood pressure. On the spectral analysis of blood pressure and heart rate variability, a cardiovascular system acts as an assessment tool for blood pressure and heart rate spectra which most of the time provides the body with indexed and autonomic modulation.

The communication in vessels triggered by the heart allows an aspect of interactions between changes that occurs in the heart rate, blood pressure and biological signals involving respiratory activity.

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