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Need help with my writing homework on Bill Clinton Life as a Leader: Leadership Traits. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The world is experiencing rapid changes in all spheres of life including social, technological, political, and cultural. These changes have been attributed to a number of factors key among them globalization and rapid technological advancements (Hamilton, 2004). Because of these changes, organizations and nations have been striving towards having the best leaders who can help them address the challenges brought about by changes and enable them to realize their goals and aspirations. This has made the concept of leadership to dominate the academic, business, political, and social discourses.

Jones (2005) defines leadership as the process through which an individual influences others to realize or accomplish the set objective(s), as well as direct an organization or society to be more coherent and cohesive. Leadership aims at influencing a group of individuals to realize their goals and objectives. Leaders carry out this process by application of their leadership skills and knowledge (Nelson, 2006). The success of organizations and nations are greatly determined by the kind of leaders that they have at a given period. Leadership styles and traits of individuals holding leadership roles are the factors that bring success or failure to the organizations or nations that they lead (Gillespie and Warren, 2008).

&nbsp.He is one of the United States presidents of modern times that demonstrated outstanding leadership traits and qualities (Jones, 2007). As a president, Clinton was instrumental in advancing America’s economic and political interests within and outside the country. Some of his most notable achievements include signing into law the North American Free Trade Agreement. successfully passed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and welfare reform. and presided over America’s longest duration of economic expansion (Schier, 2000). Bill Clinton’s strong leadership skills were demonstrated with the approval ratings he got when he left office. he left the office with the best end-of-office ratings compared to any United States president since the Second World War (Phillips, 2007).&nbsp.

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