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Need help with my writing homework on Chinese versus Traditional Western Management Styles. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Most people under Chinese management styles do receive instructions or duties from the managers. In the western part, people work like managers since the two –way communication they use while making decisions. While in China people have to be managed together with the managers due to the benevolent father system. The Chinese management style is benevolent father where the parent will have to supervise the children on everything that needs to be done. The parent system of management believes in the discipline and the attention to details and manages the people at a micro level. This means that the benevolent manager spends a lot of time caring for the personal welfare of the employees, in case of conflict the benevolent system will have to solve the conflict in an amicable manner. The benevolent system is regarded as part of the job to supervise all the employees in the organization. According to Michael (1996), the Chinese style of management is different from traditional western management since the western emulates managers who are a resourceful democrat. This means that if one is the manager one will set the vision and strategy for the business but the company will have to empower the subordinate to execute. Western style of management encourages two –way communication with the employees and allows bottom decision making.

In terms of working hours, the management style of Chinese is still different from the western traditional style of management. Ilan (2003) states that the economy of China is growing at a breakneck pace and long working hours for the employees is normal in business. The attitude towards time management and work is highly considered in China where an employee will have to work for so many hours and expected output should be high. Life balance is very different in China and the traditional western management style.

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