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Need help with my writing homework on Describe types of feedback and determine the effects of circuit performance when feedback is applied,Describe the circuit conditions and the methods used to achieve sinusoidal oscillation. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The two types of amplifier are the positive and the negative feedback. The two differ in terms of whether the signal is described as being in phase or out of phase with the input signal. The two types of feedback can also be referred to as regenerative or direct feedbacks.

Regenerative feedback or negative feedback occurs whenever a signal is said to be 180 degrees out of phase to the input signal (Musrt 89). A widely cited, negative feedback is appropriate since it helps in creating a practical circuit given that it can create rates and gains. It can also be used in making circuits stable, as well as self-creating and it has an output that can characteristically create equilibrium condition. In an op-amp, a negative feedback is used for purposes of creating a corrective mechanism (Musrt 67). Moreover, it limits the amplifier’s input signal hence improving the fidelity of an amplifier. By and large, it increases the frequency response of any given amplifier through preventing the decreasing in the gain of an amplifier. During the application of an amplifier, the feedback signal reduces with the increasing input signal (Musrt 76).

On the other hand, in the positive feedback, the voltage or current feedback is often applied for purposes of increasing the input voltage (Musrt 47). When a positive feedback is applied in an inverting signal circuit, a portion of an output signal is fed back to the input. It is worth noting lacking a positive feedback in any circuit causes a slowdown in the detectors of the open loop. Positive feedback can lead to an increase in the amplifier gain.

More often than not, feedback is used in electronic circuits for various reasons. First, circuit characteristics can be controlled and made independent of wide variations in most of the active device parameters (Musrt 34).

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