Need Help With My Writing Homework On Developing The Movie Robocop Write A 1250

Need help with my writing homework on Developing the movie Robocop. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The essay “Developing the movie Robocop” talks about the overview of the film “Robocop” produced in 1897 by director Paul Verhoeven and of cinematic elements and styles used in this film.

Apparently, Verhoeven presents an excessively commercialized future where the Detroit authorities are overwhelmed with crime in the city and decide to outsource it to a megacorporation, Omni Consumer Products (OCP). However, the megacorporation considers it more realistic to replace the settlement in old Detroit with a modern settlement which OCP refers to as Delta City. Due to the unfathomable number of crimes in the city and the regular killing of the understaffed law enforcers, OCP decides to take an initiative to end the crimes before starting construction of the new city, Delta City. However, the filming of the futuristic Detroit could be amended. It should have been filmed in downtown Dallas as the city had futuristic buildings even during the 1980s when the movie was being filmed.

While Verhoeven’s movie was produced in the 20th century, it visualized the 21st century as evident when the director contrasts the successes of the inventions of Dick Jones and Bob Morton. During a meeting meant to strategize on the best way of curbing insecurity in the city, Dick Jones brings the idea of an ED-209, a law enforcement droid. Sadly, Verhoeven deliberately demonstrates the antiquity of the idea by allowing demonstration of the ED-209 to go awry through the deliberate killing of an executive.

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