Need Help With My Writing Homework On Dockside Gantry Crane Write A 1750 Word Pa

Need help with my writing homework on Dockside Gantry Crane. Write a 1750 word paper answering; This crane is known to be made with the latest design of ZPMC. In order to fulfill the requirements of macro-scale vessels, it is designed to achieve quick loading and unloading. A contract between Dubai and ZPMC has been signed according to which, ZPMC is supposed to supply four twin 40 feet container cranes to Dubai at the start of 2005. The productivity can be increased up to 50% with the help of the new crane only if the process of loading and unloading can be enhanced. An operator sitting in the cabin drives the crane. This cabin is hooked with the trolley. Rails on the top and sides of the boom as well as the girder provide the trolley with the path to run. The cargo that is mainly the containers is lifted by the trolley that the operator moves onto the ship. The crane lifts the container to the trailer by moving it over the dock with the help of straddle carriers or side lifts as soon as the container is locked with the spreader. After that, the container is shifted to the storage yard. Likewise, the process can be reversed when required. Its lift capacity under twin spreaders is about 80 tonnes, while that below single spreader in which two 20 feet containers are hoisted is roughly 65 tonnes. The capacity of lift under cargo beam is 100 tonnes. The speed of the Main hoist carrying an 80 tonnes load is 90 meters per minute while that with the empty spreader is 180 meters per minute. The trolley travels with a speed of 250 meters per minute and the speed of Gantry traveling is 60 meters per minute.

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