Need Help With My Writing Homework On Extra Credit Hrd495 Write A 500 Word Paper

Need help with my writing homework on Extra credit hrd495. Write a 500 word paper answering; The Job of a HR Manager Introduction This paper gives my findings from an interview with the HR Manager of a financial a graduate in thefield of human resource with over seven years experience in the field of HR, charged with overseeing the functions of the Human Resource Department. The interview gives insights into the HR Manager’s job responsibilities and the major issues faced. Suggestions for development of career in HR and the field of HR in general would be indicated.

Job Responsibilities

The HR Manager made it clear that his responsibilities involve, first, the undertaking of recruitment, interview and hiring of new employees. Secondly, he provides guidance on compensation and benefits scheme for employees. The manager stressed the fact that his role of developing employees places the responsibility of training and developing staff on him, including orientation of new employees, professional development workshops and seminars and leadership training. He consults with the executive management on strategic planning of the organization, hence serving as a link between the management and the employees to ensure that employees’ welfare have been catered for. The HR Manager had also been handing over legal counsel roles with regard to activities in risk mitigation to the newly appointed company legal secretary, the organization having grown bigger. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS (2012) sums up these responsibilities as planning, directing and coordinating the organization’s administrative functions.

Major Issues to Handle

From the interview, I learnt that HR Managers operate on a kind of ad hoc schedule, as their schedule of tasks would largely be determined by the issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. Among the major issues faced by the HR Manager include the determination of the most appropriate employees during recruitment. Issues of remuneration also keep arising with employees always seeking to earn more irrespective of their contribution to the organization’s profitability. The establishment and distribution of benefits and managing outsourcing also stands out as major issues that the HR Manager handles on a regular basis. He faces the challenge of resolving conflict among employees and solving issues that jeopardize work safety. The HR Manager faces issues of resolving discrimination and harassment cases to ensure equality and respect among employees in the organization.

Developmental Suggestions

To develop the field of HR, there would be need for more competent HR managers, thus the need for pursuance of relevant academic qualifications. A master’s degree such as Master of Business Administration equips managers in HR with the skills necessary to undertake appropriate practice in the field. Additionally, fields outside HRM provide the relevant skills to manage people wholesomely. Such include psychology studies, psychology being a critical component of human resource management. Creating more opportunities for interns in the field of human resource provides the much needed skills in the field as a majority of organizations require persons with at least one year experience for consideration for employment in the field of HR (BLS, 2012). Since there are employees who exhibit effective HR management skills, opportunities should be availed for such persons to join the HR field with additional training. Such employees provide greater opportunities for sound HR management having skills on both the human resource management and the organizational task involvement.


US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor (2012, March 29). Occupational outlook handbook, (2012 – 13 ed.). Retrieved 31 March 2013 from

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